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Olive View Events is a premier wedding and reception venue for any event that you may be hosting. Nestled in the heart of the Ozarks, our venue provides breathtaking views as it overlooks the beautiful Ozark Mountains. You and your guests will have an unforgettable experience that can be remembered for years to come.


Our brand new location offers both outdoor and indoor spaces. The outdoor space provides an elegant arbor with pre-arranged seating for a no hassle experience. The indoor facility, containing 4200 square feet, has a spacious reception hall that is great for hosting a ceremony, reception, or gathering. The loft overseeing the reception hall acts as an observatory for your event.  The beauty of the scenic views from the south wall is only outshined by the beauty of a bride on that special day.


The main facility has a private bridal suite with convenient areas for the bridal party to prepare for the event. The private groom lounge is a great space to get ready and relax. Each are connected to private restrooms for complete privacy, comfort, and luxury. In addition, our guests have access to the catering area and the covered terrace.


At Olive View, we know everyone is unique. That is why we offer a venue location that is already prepared for a fantastic event to help minimize stress and hassle on your special day. Nonetheless, it can be personalized for any occasion. We offer a variety of package plans so our guests can select the option that is right for them.


Whether you are reconnecting with friends, needing a beautiful photography setting, or hosting a party for a special occasion, we have the space for you! Above all, if you need the perfect location to say, “I love you,” there is no better place than Olive View.


We invite you to schedule a free tour today! [1-870-577-7888]

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